Guiding Principles:  
              Integrity, Respect, Leadership, Giving & Planning

We're stronger when we work together.  That's been the theme for the Seward County Chamber & Development Partnership (SCCDP).  Eight community and economic development organizations across Seward County came together to form a vision statement and guiding principles starting in September 2015.  By February 2016, the SCCDP had been created out of the existing membership and assets of the Seward Area Chamber of Commerce, Seward Area Development Corporation, and Seward County Economic Development Corporation.  The reasoning was to develop more efficient and effective uses of existing resources, eliminate duplication of services, and create a cohesive voice and message in Seward County.  The SCCDP's mission is leading Seward County by the Guiding Principles (see below) to be the caretaker and steward of fulfilling the Vision Statement by 2035 (see below).

2035 Vision Statement
Seward County is a pro-active and collaborative area with vibrant, welcoming, family-friendly, and safe communities, recognized for pillars of strength in agriculture, arts and culture, business, education, entrepreneurship, government, and healthcare.  

We are a destination location for businesses, visitors and residents within the greater metropolitan area and an active partner in the region.

Our residents enjoy picturesque and diverse neighborhoods, viable main streets, outstanding recreational opportunities, active civic life, faith-based living, and quality housing and employment choices.

The private and public sectors are united and citizens are engaged for the betterment of all Seward County.

Guiding Principles
We are guided by:

- We are open, honest and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Respect - We treat everyone with courtesy, equity, and fairness.

Leadership - We understand the importance of engaged leadership and that leadership must transition to ensure the vision continues for future generations.

Giving/Philanthropy - We are caring and generous.  We encourage giving freely and helping those in need.  We champion volunteerism for its powerful contribution to our area. 

Planning - We acknowledge the importance of a shared vision and being intentional about planning our future.  we believe our collective efforts will be sustainable for the long-term betterment of all Seward County.

Seward County Chamber & Development Partnership
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